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June 22, 2010 / Chris

Milwaukee Firkin Craft Beer Festival

A little late after a busy week of my team winning the Stanley Cup (Go Blackhawks!) and of traveling for work.  But before I left for South Carolina, there was a Beer festival to attend.  As you can see from the tags, there was a large contingent of Wisconsin craft brewers and one macro brewer posing as a craft brewer.  To the pics!

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So, we tried to hit all the beers we could, and were pretty successful.  I’m going to hit on some of the highlights.

Milwaukee Ale House:

Louie’s Demise – 7/10; Flaming Damsel – 6/10; Pull Chain Ale (Firkin’d) – 9/10; Baltic Porter – 7/10; Ulau Belgian Wit – 10/10, the Ulau actually got my Big Firkin award as best of the fest, I really enjoyed it, it could be an 11 or 12 out of ten if the weather was hot it would hit the spot so well.

Stonefly Brewery:

Mustache Ride Pale Ale – 7/10; Four Wolves English Ale – 8/10; Imperial Star Destroyer Stout – 9/10.  All were good, Imperial Star Destroyer Stout was my first of the day and didn’t disappoint.

Lakefront Brewery:

Rendezvous Bieredegarde – 8/10

Rock Bottom Brewery:

Powerhouse IPA – 7/10

St. Francis Brewery:

KK Weisse – 8/10; Number Nine IPA – 9/10

III Dachschunds Beer Co:

Howling Hounds Honey Wheat – 7/10

Sprecher Brewery:

Irish Stout – 8/10

Water Street Brewery:

Oktoberfest – 7/10

Chameleon Brewery:

Hop on Top – 8/10; Witty – 9/10

Miller Valley aka MillerCoors (even had some Miller Lite):

Batch 19 – 7/10; Like a super Miller Lite or Coors Light, with better ingredients, taste basis the same though.  Wild Ting IPA – 6/10; Black Labyrinth Stout – 10/10; I can’t describe it any different, it’s the closest big stout to Dark Lord that I have had, I wish I had a link to share, but I can’t find anything via google.  It seems maybe it was still an experimental beer.  Either way, beware the resources and skills of Miller’s reverse engineering of beer team…

Dave’s Brew Farm:

Matacabras – 9/10.  So awesome that this was here.  Read the story here.


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