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January 15, 2011 / Chris

Thursday Treat and Friday Nightcap

While doing some bills and other busy work on the internet on Thursday, I popped open a Great Divide Denver Pale Ale (DPA).


Great Divide Denver Pale Ale

Light head, aroma of some hops and citrus.  Hops are not overpowering in the taste, finish is smooth, very good pale ale, glad I got a six-pack of it. 8/10.

On Friday, at 6pm, after the drive back from 3 Floyd’s Brewpub, I stopped at Captain Mike’s for the tapping release of the annual release of Bell’s HopSlam Ale, a hop bomb of epic proportions.  Orange body color with white head, between 1 and 2 fingers thick in the tulip glass, some spotty lacing.  This beer is more on the citrus side of the hops, it’s less bitter than similar brews and has less bitter aftertaste, I enjoyed it last year and did this year fresh off the tap as well.  It is alcoholic tasting a bit and rightly so at 10% ABV. 10/10.


Bell's HopSlam


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