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June 6, 2010 / Chris

More Dogfish Head

To celebrate the season premiere of the Whale Wars, I chose the beer I had with fish in the brewery name, it’s a stretch, oh well.  On to watching the Japanese win!  And the beer too.

I grabbed the Dogfish Head Red & White from the fridge and headed over to my friend’s house to gather with the other Japanese whaler supporters.  We will continue to watch and support the whalers until less idiots take up the fight.

The Belgian style Wit beer is one of my favorite styles to begin with, Dogfish Head’s addition of pinot noir juice, which I had to look up to find out they are the red wine grapes.  The two came together quite well and created a great beer, though I would not expect any less from this brewer.  The beer is one of the most popular limited release beers from the brewer, it’s no wonder, it’s a great beer that normal wine drinkers would even appreciate.  8/10.


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