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January 15, 2011 / Chris

3 Floyd’s Brewpub

I finished up a customer service visit in the early Friday afternoon, knowing I was only 15 minutes away and hadn’t eaten lunch yet, my destination was an easy choice.  3 Floyd’s Brewpub in Munster, Indiana.

3 Floyd's Brewpub


I pulled up and parked on the street as the parking lot was full, once I got inside, it was packed, nearly standing room only, I got the last open seat at the bar and started to peruse the on-tap choices:

Alpha King, Arctic Panzer Wolf, Black Sun Stout, Dreadnaught, Gold Leader, Jinx Proof, Krunk Monk, Owd Engwish, Pride & Joy, and Robert the Bruce.  What a lineup.

I stuck with my stout trend and got the Black Sun, a highly rated offering that didn’t disappoint.  Roasted caramel aroma and flavoring, thick tan lacing from its dark body color.  Finishes with a nice linger with hints of hops.  9/10. Will have again, probably in bottle form to see if any difference is seen.

Black Sun Stout

I order a chicken sandwich (very good) and finish off both beer and sandwich while chatting up my new BeerAdvocate friend seated next me.  I order my next brew Arctic Panzer Wolf to reset the palette of sorts.  Early on this murky golden bodied hop bomb is citrusy-sweet, in the middle the bitterness starts to ramp and is full on by the end with it being the basis of the lingering aftertaste.  If you know me, you know I love hops, this beer is good and is worth a purchase, even better fresh. 9/10.

So while I try to decide which brews I am going to buy to take home, I continue the conversation with the BA sitting next to me and enjoy another Black Sun Stout, as we talk another gentlemen into buying 3 cases of beer with another case of mixed bombers.  All told this gentlemen will have enough 3 Floyd’s to share with his buddies who he said told him he had to stop there, they will be glad he did and even more happier when he sees what we talked him into buying for them to enjoy.  You know you have good times ahead when the bartender follows you to your car with a hand-truck of beer for you to take home.


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