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January 13, 2011 / Chris

Sling Shot To the Present (aka Catchup Post)

In chronological order, here are some ratings from while I was on hiatus, all of these are from one place, Captain Mike’s in Kenosha, which is walking distance from the apartment and has killer burgers and mac n cheese.  If source isn’t noted, the beer was served on tap into proper glassware.


Ale Asylum Satisfaction Jackson – Double IPA – Plenty of hops but a good amount of sweetness, not so sweet you can’t have a second. 8/10

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA – 6% ABV makes it easy to drink, hops are not overpowering upfront, but the bitterness comes through in the aftertaste.  Mild sweetness. 7/10.

Erdinger Oktoberfest Weissbier – My first import in a long time, wasn’t labeled as a weissbier when I ordered it, was surprising to find such a sweet wheat beer Oktoberfest, I think it’s great as a transition of summer to fall beers. 7/10.


Founders Centennial IPA – Served from 12oz bottle. A solid Founders offering, in my favorite style, you can pick up the hop smell just before a sip and then there they are, little citrus as well.  9/10.

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA – Served from 12oz bottle. More of a balanced IPA with the hops and malts closer to even, still satisfying for a hophead like me. 8/10.

Left Hand Oktoberfest – Malty smell, smooth to drink.  8/10.


Bell’s Octoberfest – Simple almost sessionable beer, smooth, nothing overpowering in malt or hops areas.  Good Oktoberfest, 8/10.

Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey – You get good amounts of malt and hops, with the hops being all bitter and little flavor.  Alcohol is right there. 8/10.

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale – Good brown ale with good malt levels and roasted flavors, 7/10.


Grand Teton Trout Hop Black IPA – Very hoppy with stout like lacing and head, toasted flavors. 9/10.


Southern Tier Harvest Ale – An English style Extra Special Bitter, another hophead favorite, so much so I had too many of these than anyone should have in one sitting.  Will have again any chance I get. 10/10.


Goose Island Minx – This Belgian IPA holds the Belgian part with some sweet upfront, a little malt character and then the IPA finish. 8/10.

Left Hand Fade to Black Volume 1 Foreign Stout – Black body with nice khaki head, the head doesn’t dissipate for a while, leaving good lacing.  The coffee is here, at least to me the non-coffee drinker.  Overall good stout as I try more and more of them, 8/10.

Left Hand Milk Stout –  Followed up the coffee flavored stout with the more creamy, sweet stout known as milk stout, I’ve had this on a few occasions now and really enjoy it’s light creamy stout qualities. 9/10.


Central Waters Illumination Double IPA – Woot, I like this beer. Citrusy up front, malt flavors then take over before the hops finally kick the finish and aftertaste with some bitter notes. 10/10.

Jacob Leinenkugel Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout – Nice dark color as you would expect, mellow test, all malt and slight sweetness for this taste.  Not bad, but not great either. 6/10.


Capital Weizen Doppelbock – Nice strong amber color, some yeast in the aroma.  Tastes pick up malts and some underlying alcohol.  Good beer from one of my favorite brewers. 7/10.


Bell’s Batch 10000 – Seems to hit all the flavors of multiple styles of beer.  Hard to pick them out, dark color, minimal head, good flavor.  A nice sipping beer.  From 12oz bottle. . 8/10.

Capital Tett Doppelbock – A nice bock, which Capital seems is a good style for them.  Nice caramel malt smell and taste. 9/10.

Bell’s Christmas Ale – Some head and good lacing from this deep amber colored brew.  First beer I think I smell cinnamon, not sure, not around cinnamon that often.  Light alcohol content makes it nice to drink, a little spicy taste to it.  Ho Ho Ho. 7/10.


Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA –  Smells of a hint of a field of flowers, the malt and hops tastes are there but balanced.  Lasting linger in mouth. 9/10.

Founders Red’s Rye PA – This RyePA, does a good job of hitting you with hops after some malty flavors.  Like a thicker IPA. 7/10.

Capital Winter Skal – Full body with an amber/copper color too it.  Lots of malt flavors.  A little spice in taste and linger. 8/10.

Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout – Solid dark black color, with some mocha i guess head.  No lacing as the head did fade fast.  Another coffee taste that gets bitter as it warms and lingers in your mouth. A coffee drinker may like it more.  7/10.From 12oz bottle.

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout – A very sip requiring strong stout.  The bourbon barrel side is noticable right away, it’s got a lot of roasted flavor to it and gets a tad more bitter as it warms while you take your time enjoying this can’t miss stout. 10/10.

No dates recorded:

Tyranena Hop Whore Imperial IPA – Lots of hops like I like it. 8/10.

Sprecher Pipers Scottish Style Ale – Saw in the glass door fridge behind the bar, ordered on a whim, it was pleasant, not great. Caramel smell, alcohol taste is strong, but ABV is high so it’s understandable. Served from 12oz bottle. 7/10.

Southern Tier Pumking – My first try of a pumpkin beer.  Ahhh, a little too much pumpkin, it’s like pumpkin overload, if that’s what you like though, try this beer.  Pumpkin Ale . 7/10.

Brouwerij Bavik Wittekerke – Have it marked for a rating, no notes, must have been pedestrian, even for a wheat beer. 6/10.

Brewery Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout – Very choco-tastic stout.  Awesome glass to boot. Must try if you have the opportunity. 9/10.


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