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July 28, 2010 / Chris

Return to the Two Brothers Taproom

Went back to Two Brothers Taproom out in Warrenville, IL.  This time my father joined me for dinner and brews.  I first tried what they had on the hand pump cask, which was The Bitter End, their pale ale.  The first sip through the last, this was a delicious brew.  The creaminess with a not too dry finish made it very drinkable.  The were good levels of sweet with some background hops.  I enjoyed this enough to have two pints, 8/10.

Next up, I sampled their Hop Juice double IPA, a big change of pace from the Bitter End, this very bitter brew is full of hops just as the style would predict.  It also had a medium body with lingering sour flavor and some background alcohol.  I enjoyed it enough, that I bought a shirt, I don’t really need too many more pint glasses, so I thought the shirt would be a better option, plus the guy down the bar had just bought one and mine was basically out already, easy sale for the barkeep.  I ended up having their catfish & chips, I don’t see battered fish in the BeerAdvocate pairings for food for the beer, but I have no complaints in the marriage.

Lastly I finished with two snifters of Oak Aged Domain Dupage, which is classified as a Biere de Garde by BeerAdvocate, I can’t remember and didn’t write down the style at the time to see if Two Brothers’ classification differed.  I would agree with the style description but bump the sweetness up to a level 4 of 5 and knock the hop bitterness down to 1 of 5, maybe that is the aging playing with the beer.  10/10.  I could sip this beer on many occasions, though the alcohol is still listed in the 5-6% range, it seemed like it had moved higher than that.


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