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July 28, 2010 / Chris

Longest title in the Pearl Jam catalog…

Whoops, I mean, longest beer name I have seen on BeerAdvocate yet.  El Camino (Un)Real Black AleStone / Firestone Walker / 21st Amendment.  A collaboration between the three brewers listed after the dash.  This black ale is just that, stout black in color with a mocha frothy head.  At first I wonder if it’s mislabeled, but no the body and hops keep it out of the stout family, it’s strong alcohol levels with the ale base put it in the catch all strong ale category.  Not a lot of citrus, but still some bitter, no sweetness at all.  Some herbal tints with a good light malt level.  A tasty collaboration, 8/10.  I do love these tri-collaboration bottles Stone puts out.  Check out my new pint glass as well, the flash was fighting me on the iPhone:

El Camino (Un) Real Black Ale

PS: I love the Pearl Jam song I referenced above, big points if you know it.


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