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July 18, 2010 / Chris


That is what it says on the top of Lagunitas bottles, this bottle not being my first, I’ve seen it many times.  The bottle being Lagunitas Lucky 13, which is “a mondo large red ale” per the label.  I agree that this is mondo, mondo full of hops.  They do a good job of not letting it be just a hops beer, as the roasted malt flavoring is there, it just takes a backseat.  The color is a nice amber red, full of cloudy goodness.  The smell of the beer was evident from the first lift of the bottle cap, that citrus hop aroma. 8/10.

Lagunitas Lucky 13

I get to use my pilsener glass for this next beer, Rogue John John Ale, which is Rogue Dead Guy Ale aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels. The aroma of this beer is much more laid-back than the previous, the aroma is that of something that would be very alcoholic and high in ABV, but when tasting it, the alcohol isn’t super high, even for being a whiskey barrel for aging.  Color is goldenish amber, with lots of carbonation bubbles racing to the top.  The body is medium, with good malt levels.  No super hop levels in this one, even though three different types were added.  A little caramel sweet finish and aftertaste.  This is one to try if you like Dead Guy Ale, 7/10.

Rogue John John Ale

To cap the night while watching the SNL re-run, I opened a bottle I received in trade a while ago.  In fact, I forgot it was still in the fridge.  Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter Reserve, a Belgian Style Ale.  Why I didn’t grab this Belgian beauty earlier, I don’t know.  Right from the pour the sweet, floral aromas are hitting me.  Then you taste it, get the medium-light body, medium sweetness, overall right where a Belgian Style Ale should be, 7/10.


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