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July 7, 2010 / Chris

A Brewtiful Holiday

So to update a few ratings from the backlog and this past weekend, 4th of July weekend.

Back on 6/25, I cracked open my Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron I had been holding onto for a while.  The beer was quite dark, it smelled earthy and woody to me.  The taste was similar, the alcohol content didn’t hit you but I felt it lingering in the background.  Overall decent, I like other Dogfish Head offerings better, but is not a bad choice if you want a strong brown ale, 8/10.

Palo Santo Marron

PS: First rating photo with the new iPhone 4’s built-in flash, not bad I say.

This past weekend, I visited my friends house as he hosted everyone over for bag toss, drinks, grilling, socializing, and fireworks.  I actually rode my brother’s scooter over and that was an adventure on its own, the scoot was a little over matched when a few hills and headwinds drove its speed down to 30 mph in a 55mph zone.  Thankfully, I wasn’t plowed into by the long line of cars developing behind me.

Once at my destination, it was time to crack into my brew for the day, Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA.  I could smell the hop aroma immediately after de-capping the first bottle.  The taste was hoppy but I could get the malt backbone as well.  I liked the beer with my hamburger and it went well with the warm temperature of the day as well.  After a few of them, the taste was still just as good and I wasn’t plowed so the ABV must not be as high as some IPA’s can get, overall an above average brew, 7/10.

Glacial Trail IPA

To cap the weekend off, I spent my holiday Monday taking in a Brewers game, the game didn’t go as well as the home fans would have wanted as the Giants spanked the Brewer bullpen.  But the tailgate was full of good friends and a good beer.  I tried Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter Pale Ale.  This pale ale is on the hoppier side I thought, it also ramped up in bitterness as it warmed up during the period I was drinking it.  I really like what this beer has to offer, a smoother hoppy pale ale style with medium-low ABV (5.2%), with hints of citrus mixed in.  8/10.

Daisy Cutter


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  1. zomps / Jul 7 2010 11:12 pm

    Nice, Palo Santo is one of my favorites.

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