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June 26, 2010 / Chris

Dark Lord Takes a Vacation

Took a long weekend to go camping on Rock Island.  Which is a Wisconsin state park at the tip of the Door County peninsula.  It’s actually two ferry rides from the “main land” of Wisconsin.  Needless to say, it was a little off the grid, requiring us to carry everything to our campsite from the ferry.  I sacrificed a little and made sure there was some room to bring a bottle of Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, 2010.

Anyway, the Dark Lord was the first I had actually had besides a few sips at Dark Lord Day.  It was just as amazing as I remembered.  So rich and smooth, tasting of chocolate & a little pinch of vanilla, unlike other big stouts I have had Dark Lord hides its alcohol in the backseat letting it chill, the beer is just a well put together adventure in Imperial Stouts that is absolutely worth seeking out and trying.  It would be shocking to find someone who dislikes this beer regardless of the hype.  10/10.

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