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June 25, 2010 / Chris

The Bavarian Lodge, Round 3

Took my dad to the Bavarian Lodge for a birthday / Father’s Day dinner.  Of course I didn’t mind when he chose the place, as I knew the food and beer are both great.  I decided to have another burger, the Black and Blue Burger to be exact, it was mighty tasty.  I really love those pretzel buns.

So to start I had a 3 Floyd’s Samurai Gazebo, I thought it was interesting.  It wasn’t listed on the menu as a lager, but that is what I have seen.  The flavor was that of a lager, smooth, good sweetness balance. 8/10.

Next, because it was the special of the night I ordered a 4 sample flight of New Holland Hatter IPA beers: Rye Hatter – 7/10; Imperial Hatter – 8/10; Oak Aged Hatter – 8/10; Black Hatter – 8/10.  All were really good with having the right amount of hops for me for each variation of the beer into the other styles.  I actually liked the Oak Aged Hatter a lot, almost a 9.  Looking back I should have gotten the original Hatter IPA too.  Live and learn right?

Next up I tried the Alvinne Gaspar, a rare on tap treat from across the big pond.  I wasn’t going to try it but my dad had one and actually liked it a lot and as we were discussing a fellow patron who was most defiantly a Beer Advocate or Rate Beer type (smelling, swirling, analyzing, recording, etc) chimed in and said it was very good when he had it in bottles and was looking forward to getting a draft sample as well.  We both ordered it as our next adventure.  I thought it very tasty and thought it was really hoppy but not so bitter a non-hophead would dislike it, like my dad, he said it worked well. 8/10.

Lastly, I had to try the Urthel Saisonniere, just look at that glass!  They wouldn’t let me purchase it though.   That face on the glass was also staring at me from the tap handle 2 feet away all night.  How could I not answer his call to try his brew?  I answered and was happy I did, the hazy beer was light on ABV, but still had good flavor for being a lighter craft beer.  I enjoyed it. 7/10.

Urthel Saisonniere


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