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June 6, 2010 / Chris

Bavarian Lodge, Round 2

Had a chance to head back to the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle, Ill.  Before ordering some dinner, ordered the Allagash Burnham Road off the draft list.  The 11oz goblet provided the smokey smell coming off the medium brown color.  The taste wasn’t as smokey as it smelled I thought, tasted bits of caramel, had a sweetness but bitter finish.  As one of my first smoked beers, it was different in a good way.  It was a good choice to get me to try other smoked offerings, 8/10.

After ordering my wiener schnitzel, I also placed an order for my next beer, after looking over the expansive bottle list, I saw one of their bottle specials was a Dogfish Head / Stone / Victory collaboration Saison Du BUFF, a very different Saison, brewed with spices that put if away from typical sweet Saison’s I have had.  You can taste the herb / spice in the beer, I don’t know them well enough to tell you which ones, but they are there.  Dry crisp taste is very easy to drink it this went well with my salad and bread before the dinner arrived, because of the boldness to add these ingredients and make a different than normal saison, this beer gets a 10/10.

Crappy pic, which sucks, the bottle is pretty cool in itself.

For more on the Saison Du Buff, this video and this link.


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