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May 31, 2010 / Chris

Beer Corks are Scary

Ok, maybe not scary, but intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the beer and how easy or hard it might be to uncork the beer.  I always picture the contents being under extreme pressure and launching the cork through the drywall ceiling.  Of course that has yet to happen.

Got out a little early from training class on Friday and made it home in time to wash my car.  After finishing the warm day with doing some work required a cool beverage before leaving for dinner with the family.  Decided to try New Glarus Unplugged: Enigma, which is their latest Unplugged series brew. The name they chose for this beer is quite appropriate as the style is very hard to peg.  Beer Advocate has it listed as Fruit / Vegetable Beer while New Glarus’ site has it as a Sour Brown Ale.  Either could be correct, it can fit both.  In fact the way I would describe the beer would be a light version of Newcastle Brown Ale with cherries.  So there you go, hard to describe, easy to enjoy.  I liked it and look forward to the other 3 bottles in the 4-pack, though I think my brother had one. 9/10.

At dinner, there wasn’t much to choose from as far as craft beer was concerned, but they did have bottles of Sprecher Special Amber, a beer I don’t think I’ve tried, though if I have, it was a long time ago. It’s not a jump out and say I need to continually have this beer, but it went well with the steak and shrimp and also was very drinkable.  Comparing it to other craft lagers it was right up there in flavor, 7/10.

Saturday night was hockey night, Chicago vs Philadelphia in the Stanley Cup Finals, in a wild track meet game, the Blackhawks made a lot of humans happy and sent the home crowd out on the night celebrating a 6-5 victory.

Saturday night watching the game with my brother allowed me to try some beer, like BrewDog Hardcore IPA. I have to say, while hoppy like you would expect from an Imperial IPA, you don’t get the overpowering strong-ness of the ABV, even though it’s rated at 9% ABV. This allows the flavor of the style to really come out.  I really liked this one, 9/10.

Next I pulled out my Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, a highly respected beer.  The respect is earned, this flavorful Tripel hides the 9% ABV extremely well and the sweet flavor mixes with the malt background to combine for a great beer.  I would recommend this one to anyone who asked and will gladly have another one in the future, 10/10.


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