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May 14, 2010 / Chris

TMA Wine & Beer Tasting

Went to the TMA Wine & Beer Tasting on Wednesday night, it was a fund raiser for the TMA (Tooling & Manufacturing Association) with beverages for tasting and sale from County Wine Merchant of Burr Ridge.  There were 18 different bottles of wine, but only 4 different beer selections.  Oh well, you win some, others not so much.  The 4 beer selections were Pinkus Organic Pilsner (Link directs to Pinkus Organic Munster Alt; the beer’s alias), Hofbrau Original, Maudite Dark Ale, and Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout.

Samuel Smith’s was a beer I had on my radar for a while.  I wanted to try it and this presented the opportunity.  I think it was a nice smooth stout, not being a coffee drinker, it had more than I would want, but a regular coffee drinker may say it had just the right amount, 8/10.

I sampled the Maudite next.  I really liked this beer.  The sweet Belgian red ale is a great beer, so great I bought a bottle in case it was hard to find at the store, 10/10.  Not an overly strong beer but enough at 8%, can taste some malt in this beer, overall I think it is balanced well other than the sweetness which is there throughout.

Next I tried the Pinkus Organic Pilsner.  There wasn’t much too this beer, but it’s not bad in any way, just doesn’t jump out and give me anything special.  6/10.

Lastly, I had the Hofbrau, I saved this for last because I have previously had this beer, just not in a long time.  It was about what I remember, solid refreshing lager.  It doesn’t jump out in any one category, but it was pretty good, 8/10.


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