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April 30, 2010 / Chris

Bell’s Oberon

Stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday for some wings (of course) and because I was curious what kind of craft beer they would have at an Illinois location.  The Wisconsin ones I have been to, have usually had a couple selections of Wisconsin craft breweries, like New Glarus, Capital, and Lakefront.  I was actually hoping the Illinois location, would have more Two Brothers from Illinois for me to try, but I saw they had a Bell’s Oberon, and being a fairly warm afternoon, I thought a summer Ale would be exactly what the doctor would order.  I was right, the refreshing light citrus wheat pale ale was very easy to drink.  It even went well with the wings.  8/10, I think I’ll have this again on a warm day.Yeah, iPhone shaky pic.  Apologies. I tried three times, this was the best.  Hopefully the next generation iPhone improves on this problem.


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