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April 25, 2010 / Chris

Dark Lord Day 2010


That would be my one word description of this event.  There were cars parked on every inch of open street or business lots (some allowed this, some did not but got cars anyway).  There were people everywhere, some over-indulged, most very happy and friendly.  The grassy areas closer to the actual brewery saw canopies and mini campsites where beer fans set up tables to trade and share home-brews and other hard to find beer.  Then there were the lines.  I waited in what I thought was the only “Golden Ticket” for Dark Lord line.  Well turns out there were two lines, both had people with and without “Golden Ticket’s” (Which was a ticket that was supposed to guarantee some Dark Lord for the holder).  So the lines converged in the breweries parking lot, right next to the food lines, bathroom (dirty, dirty port-o-lets, worse than opening day at Miller Park), and beer sampling tent lines.  So this merging area was mass-confusion, most handled this well, some took the opportunity to line-cut.

Eventually this settled down. as we got closer to the entrance, I could finally see the entrance with the bounty behind it.  Towards the end, people from the back of the line after hearing rumors that the supply of Dark Lord was dangerously low, started to rush the entrance, past everyone in line, we had “Golden Ticket’s”, as did they, so we repelled some of them, I wonder where they cut in line after that, no way did they go to the end.

Once I got in, I waited patiently for an open teller, got my full allotment, 6 bottles for two “Golden Tickets”.  Stuffed them safely into my pack and check out the brewery a little, I’ll have to come back again, for food/beer at the brewpub to really check it out.

Then I could relax a little, I had time to grab a 3 Floyd’s Rabid Rabbit Saison.  This was very citrus filled smell and taste, but was very good, thought it was a wheat beer at first, 8/10.

Now for some pictures:


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