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April 18, 2010 / Chris

9 Innings of Baseball and I didn’t start watching from the 1st.

Watched the last 9 innings of the 20 inning game between the Mets & Cardinals, it was pretty interesting towards the end.  With position players pitching, pitchers playing positions and a back-up catcher for the Cardinals the only player not used (besides previous day starting pitchers).

Enjoyed a couple beers that I hadn’t had before, but more importantly, the golden tickets for Dark Lord Day arrived!

Anyway, started off with a Lakefront Brewery Snake Chaser, an Irish Style Stout, very easy to drink, good stout taste, 7/10.

Next my buddy Adam, opened his Water Street Brewery Maibock growler.  Not the best Maibock I’ve had, Capital Brewery’s comes to mind as better, but this was good too, 7/10.


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