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April 10, 2010 / Chris

D’Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

Went with some friends to D’Angelo’s, a newly opened restaurant in Hartford, to try their specialty, pizza.  Since it was opening weekend, the half-hour wait was expected, especially with the parking lot over-flowing with cars, but the wait gave us time to enjoy a few beverages at the bar.  On some advice from my friend Adam, we both got a Central Waters Brewery Mudpuppy Porter a very smooth and dark porter.  It had a big head and left lots of lacing as the head faded.  A super porter that I’d like to have again, 9/10.  Pizza was great as well, it’s worth a try.

After dinner we went to another bar, while the craft selection there was limited to New Glarus’ Spotted Cow (which is good don’t get me wrong), the BMC selection was large.  Including the new Miller Lite Vortex Bottle!

Do I need to even make fun of this? Nah, you can laugh when you see it for yourself.


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