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April 3, 2010 / Chris

Elementary my dear Watson

Watched Sherlock Holmes last night with friends over a few brews.  From other tales of Holmes I have seen, I think it was a well done movie, I think the rumors of Brad Pitt as Moriarty could prove awesome with Guy Ritchie at the helm.

Anyway, to the beer!  To get the whistle wet at the start was 3 Floyd’s Blackheart.  A sneaky English IPA in that it tastes tame, but after the second pour from the bomber, it’s 9% ABV was starting to be felt.  I thought very easy to drink and very smooth with some malt that was apparent to me, I think, I haven’t quite refined what I am tasting all the time, but I think it was malt.  8/10, I’ll have to try more English IPA’s to compare, and for an IPA change-up compared to big hoppy American IPA’s.

Next up was a surprise to me, in the fridge were some Franziskaner Weissbiers, so I could compare to my German import,  I couldn’t pass this up.  I think the bomber I had was a hair fresher, but the green bottle 12oz’er from tonight, wasn’t bad by any means.  I think at least with this batch, Franziskaner has a good setup for keeping their product fresh on journey’s across the pond.

Lastly, I tasted the hosts drink of the night, Rogue Ales Shakespeare Stout, a nice dark stout with chocolate-brown head.  Another stout that makes me think there are more out there that I may like, which in the past, I usually pass on the stouts, maybe Adam and Drew are on to something.  A solid 7/10, which could go up when I have a bomber of my own, I think a 6oz sample is good and all, but I need to taste it through.


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