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April 1, 2010 / Chris

Here’s to four day weekends!

After a long drive of construction, detours and traffic (fun!); it’s very relaxing to sit in a couch and enjoy my beer, fresh from Europe, or Munchen, Germany to be exact.  Yes, it’s just a Franziskaner, but this Franz was sent special.  Without my knowledge even!

Here’s how it went down. I work in manufacturing, as a mechanical engineer, so we often deal with suppliers for materials or services.  They often come in to keep their companies fresh in our minds so that we go to them for work or quotes or whatever.  Anyway, my dad works at the same company, so he’s higher up in the company and is in the position to take advantage of these supplier perks as he often is in contact with them to get quotes or submit orders.  A couple weeks ago, during work, I got an email pic of a weissbier glass with a Franziskaner logo on it.  Thinking my father and the supplier he had left early to visit were out at a late lunch, I responded “yes, please” because at the time, it looked very appetizing.  Unknown to me, the email pic was from a completely different supplier, who was vacationing in Germany and after my father forwarded my response, this package was on its way:

After stopping in at the supplier’s building, it arrived at my work, much to my happiness and surprise.  (Beer at work? What torture, I couldn’t do anything with it!)  So, I’ve waited long enough to have my German label, fresh from Europe, Franziskaner Weissbier (Not sure this link even goes to the same beer, US beer says hefe-weisse, the German label says Weissbier only).  I’ve had Franzy’s before, but I’ll most definitely rate anyway, 9/10, an awesome weissbier.

What you think I can have just one beer tonight?  Come to papa.

Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, a beer I have seen pop up from time to time and always with good reviews.  I picked this up from Discount Liquor on my last trip and it was worth it.  Early bitter like I enjoy from my IPA’s but fades into good drink-ability (damn you Bud Light for tainting my word!).  It’s hard to even think of rating this lower than a 9/10.  I’ll pick this up again.

And because there is no work tomorrow for this guy, I think we’ll sample one more tonight.  Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot, a nice dark brown strong ale.  This one smells very hoppy in the pint glass, but with the first few sips it isn’t as hoppy in the mouth as you would expect.  For smelling so hoppy, this is a very smooth, not overly bitter beer.  WTF indeed.  I wouldn’t mind drinking this again, with a burger to see how the tastes gel.  For now, another 8/10.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for some thing with  a lot of hops (smell-wise anyway) without the bitter.  Maybe I need to try some “out there” brews to be forced to give a bad score, I’ve only tried good beer lately.

Oh, and as for the post title, I have Monday off as well, It’s opening day at Miller Park, Brewers vs Rockies.  I haven’t picked out my tailgate beer yet, but I think I’m going non-BMC.  New Glarus is always good.


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