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March 22, 2010 / Chris

Atlantic City Beerfest Recap

So after a great weekend in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, it was back to work today.  Which was not fun, I was longing for a beer all day.  Must have spoiled myself over the weekend.

It stared at 2:45am in Chicago, I got up and got my stuff and was out the door heading to O’Hare Airport, after de-icing, yes it was snowing/raining, I was airborne for Philadelphia.  My guides for the weekend picked me up at the airport and we headed to downtown Philly for some early lunch, at the famous Geno’s Steaks for a cheesesteak.  It was good, I might prefer one without onions next time but it was great none the less.

Next we needed to get to Atlantic City to get to the show.  After a delay at the gas station/rest stop.  Thanks mandatory full service gas in New Jersey, makes no sense to me.

Got to the show about 10 minutes before open, there were already a ton of people in line. 

We met up with some friends at the show and headed into the lines to start the tasting.  In the 5-1/2 hours of session 1 & 2 that we were at the show, I tried 22 new beers.  I am going to list them and rate them in a follow up post.

An awesome sand creation, which I heard was destroyed by a drunk in the 2nd session, which is a shame:

After staying for part of the 2nd session, we went back to the Taj Mahal to rest and get some food, we hit up the buffet and then gambled a little before calling it a night, but stopped to check out the ocean and boardwalk, not much to see at night before summer comes.

Sunday we dropped off the beer I had brought with me to our host Guy’s house, hopefully he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed using the ticket and hotel room.  Thanks Guy!  Next it was back to Philly for some lunch, we ate at Chickie’s and Pete’s, their crab fries are pretty good and you get plenty of them.  Since I still had some time to kill, I had my guides drop me off at the Liberty Bell to explore before my flight later that night.  I checked out the outside of the other buildings and Liberty Bell center, then I explored further to find the bar I was told was near by.  Eulogy. A beer drinker’s mecca.  I’ll add the beer I had here to the AC Beerfest post as well, but want to point out, they had Delirium Tremens on tap, one of the best beers in existence.  It was very good, the bartender and I had a laugh when the fellow down the way’s wife complained it wasn’t ice cold.  I’m not a beer snob, but you don’t have to have ice cold brain freeze temperature beer for it to be good.  Visit this bar if you are in Philly and thirsty!


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  1. zomps / Mar 22 2010 6:40 pm

    Glad you could make it this year Stoops. AC is much more fun in the summer. You’ll have to consider coming back down for one of our summer fest events. Thanks for the beer! Cheers

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