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March 14, 2010 / Chris

Night Stalker caught lurking

After a gruelingly long fantasy baseball auction.  The league members started to crack some refreshments to unwind with while playing some cribbage and regaling stories of the day’s bidding battles.

After a few New Glarus Hop Hearty’s and Bell’s Hopslams.  I took a break with a glass of water before opening my Goose Island Night Stalker.  I recruited a few adventurous helpers to share the bottle with.  It’s a dark imperial stout, infused with lot’s of hops.  It’s a beer well out of my friend’s comfort zones but they gave it a sample anyway.  Stouts are not usually a go-to style of beer for myself, but I found it very good with the hop infusion.  I don’t think I could drink a whole bottle of this big beer, but easily would have a glass if I found it again or cracked one open for sharing.  I haven’t had many stouts so I can’t accurately compare it to anything, but overall rate it a 7/10 on my personal scale, meaning it’s good and worth a try, especially with it being a somewhat rare bottle to find.

For more on the beer, head over to Binny’s Blog for a little more info.


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