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March 13, 2010 / Chris

Friday night new beer tasting

Getting together with the other members of the Jim Covers fantasy baseball league, our annual auction draft will be later today.  We usually get together at the hosts house the night before.

Tried a few beers, three of them New Glarus, their Hop Hearty IPA, Cracked Wheat, and their R&D Golden Ale.  In addition, I tried a Shiner Bohemian Black Lager, that a friend had brought.  The Hop Hearty was very good and hoppy, a solid 8/10.  The Cracked Wheat wasn’t bad at 7/10.  The Shiner was pretty bad, it had a weird beef jerky aftertaste, must have been going for the smoked flavor, 5/10.

The R&D Golden Ale was very interesting, rated it a 8/10, smooth and drinkable.  It had a very floral aroma and aftertaste.  The bottle’s label is pretty cool as well, hopefully the picture picks that up.


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