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March 9, 2010 / Chris

New beer Friday, well, new to me

Couple imports tonight.  Picked these up at Binny’s Beverage Depot in IL this week.  They were recommended based on my ratings on BeerSeek, a cool little Facebook app.  Started with the Duvel, a Belgian Strong Ale, good taste, would drink again 7/10.  Next up the Chimay brothers, beginning with the Chimay White, an Abbey Trippel.  I thought this was very tasty and give it an 8/10.  To follow up a good beer, I grabbed the next Chimay, the Red, this was also very tasty, probably a hair below the White, but another 8/10 for the Dubbel.  The last of the Chimays was the Blue, another Belgian Strong Ale, and boy, either it was strong, or I wasn’t spreading my pints out enough and it caught up to me.  Good taste, not as good as the others, but still a decent brew, 7/10.  Side note, finally got to use the dslr, no offense to the iphone camera, I think it does great work for what it is, but the dslr is just so much more forgiving.Tomorrow, a day of days, should be fun.

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  1. zomps / Mar 10 2010 8:43 pm

    Duvel is illegal in Philadelphia now… just a heads up you have contraband.

    • Chris / Mar 10 2010 9:29 pm

      I saw that story, what a crappy situation. Hopefully it’s fixed before too much of the seized beer spoils.

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